Rabu, 19 Februari 2014

Selasa, 18 Februari 2014

Nah Ini..

“when you have a lovely but bitter past with someone and happens to meet them. Keep it light. Keep it short. Most of all, keep them, away."

 Adhitya Mulya

Rabu, 12 Februari 2014


apa visi misi lo sih Ngga?
well sebagai manusia?

to be infinite~

sebagai mahluk ciptaanNya?
to be grateful~

Rabu, 05 Februari 2014


Lucu, semua muter cepet gitu aja..
cerita kamu, aku.. kita...

Lucu, gmana kebangun2 mulu
dan TV muter lagu2 perpisahan

Lucu, gmana playlist PC di shuffle
dan muterin lagu lama..

here it goes...

"Save Ferris - Mistaken"
There's no joy without the pain
It's the pain that makes us strong
But sometimes it's just so hard to carry on
When you said that you don't care
When you say that you'll be there
Well, I wonder just how did things go so wrong
With everything we've had
(Oh please tell me)
And you know it's just so sad
But who's to blame?

(I was mistaken)
So who were you?
I thought I knew?
I guess I was mistaken
But I only wanted you
(I was mistaken)
So say goodbye
Don't tell me why
I guess I was mistaken

I know I can't run to you again
Cuz' you would only run away
I guess there's nothing I can do to make you stay

You said that you would never leave
A lie you told and I believed
And now you want to go and throw this all away
So what is happening here?
(Oh please tell me)
It's exactly as I feared
You're just the same, and

[Repeat Chorus]
As I blame myself again
Wondering what I did
You tell me that you still might care for me
You say you're just confused
But that's really no excuse
You don't get sympathy
Cuz' I don't need this mindtrip,
I must be myself
Must free myself from you
And all you put me through

[Repeat Chorus]

Cuz' I
only wanted you 
Well, sebenernya gak lucu sih :(